The Witch and The Wise Woman - Weekend Workshop - £165

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I am so pleased to announce the launch of The Witch & The Wise Woman Workshop.

This is a two-day workshop  Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th  10-30 am till 16:30 pm

Would like you to seek out your inner Wise Woman and learn how she worked it our earth mother? 

Do you have a yawning to work with nature, to honour the ancestors? 

Would you like to look into her world and connect with her and all that she held sacred? 

Then this could be the course for you, throughout the weekend we will look at

 The Wise Woman who is she?

History of the Witch including The Witch Trails & Matthew Hopkins

There did the Name Witch come from? 

Who is the Cailleach?

Modern Day Witchcraft - Wicca – Gerald Gardner

What is the difference between Traditional Witchcraft to that of modern day Witchcraft?

Folklore & legends.

Herblore & Treelore.

Charms & Brews. 

Sacred Days – Turning of the Year

Just a few of the things that this comprehensive workshop will be covering, we will also do guided meditations, making charm pouches and looking towards Beltane and how we can honour this sacred day. 

From this course, we will also look at future group activities such as sacred day gatherings, drumming circle, monthly meets – Witch Pathways. 

I would like to keep this course open to as many as possible, bearing this in mind, Venue will be confirmed in the new year, it will be in Colchester or around Colchester.

You will receive a comprehensive Manuel, all materials for pouches, which are yours to take home and a certificate of attendance.

Investment is £165 – for 2 days. 

£50 non-fundable deposit secures your place, outstanding balance to be paid within 4 weeks of the commencement date.

The course can be paid in monthly instalments, please contact me for details. 

Refreshments will be given during the day - please bring a packed lunch with you.