The Healing Power of Crystals Workshop

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The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystal healing uses crystals or crystalline energy on or around the body and in the environment in order to effect positive change and restore balance & harmony.

 We can use crystals to boost our energy levels, release blockages, reduce stress and protect us from negative or harmful influences. In this workshop you will learn the basic techniques of crystal healing enabling you to work deeply and safely with these wonderful gifts from the earth in order to boost and clear your energy, clear your space, raise your vibration and access deeper healing for yourself and others. Crystals can be very powerful on their own, but also combine beautifully with Reiki energy. 

Learn the magic of working safely & effectively with crystals. Learn the basics, and how to give and receive a chakra healing layout. 

Crystals Course Content

Our emphasis will be on the practical work so you will have the opportunity to practice chakra checking and both give & receive a full crystal healing session.

As time and preferences allow the course will include the following:

The healing power of Crystals

Crystal Shapes

Effective Cleansing




How to Choose Appropriate Crystals

Using Crystals in the Home

Crystal Grids

Using Pendulums


Auric Cleansing

Chakra Balancing layout

Clearing Energy Blocks

Combining Crystals with Healing and Meditation

Comprehensive Workshop Manual 

No prerequisites, this course is open to everyone. 

This workshop does not qualify you as a crystal healer, but it will give you a solid basis to use crystals effectively and safely for yourself, your family & pets and alongside other healing modalities to bring in the magical energies of the mineral kingdom. 

Course duration 1 day -10am – 5pm - Small groups or individuals.  

All off my treatment and courses are covered by Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers for Complementary Therapies.