Sacred Moon Reiki Attunement ~ Unity and Balance

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Sacred Moon Reiki allows you to connect with the beautiful healing energies of the Moon!    This form of Reiki is about unity and balance primarily.  This beautiful Reiki system was developed by Shelly Mayer.  As with all Reiki courses, by the end of your training you will be able to perform self-healing techniques, heal others, perform distance healing, & pass on the attunement.

To receive a Sacred Moon Reiki attunement ideally you need to be a Reiki Master or at least Level II.

Course includes

How Sacred Moon Reiki came to be

What it does

Full Moon legend

Self-cleansing Ritual


Sacred Moon Reiki symbol


Course duration approximately 4 hours, and can be taught one to one or in small groups You will also have constant support during and after all courses.

All off my treatment and courses are covered by Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers for Complementary Therapies.