Introduction to Crystals - Level One - Workshop

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The Magical Mineral kingdom has so much to teach us, by joining this workshop a new journey has just started for you, a path of crystals, minerals, rocks and fossils, they wish to teach, help and heal us on every level of our lives. 

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those that have some knowledge but wishing to learn more. 

Workshop Content 

1. Introduction

2. Resources 

3. History & Ancient Knowledge

4. How crystals work in Technology

5. Crystal Energy in Healing 

6. Protection.

7. Grounding

8. Meditation 

9. Cleansing

10. Programming. 

11. Chakras & Healing

12. Pendulums 

 13.   Self Healing 

Certificate of Achievement. 

This is the first workshop in a series and is open to newcomers/ beginners.