Reiki Distance Healing & Consultation Helping to promote, Harmony, Balance & General Wellbing

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A healing that is practiced when the recipient is not physically present is known as distant healing and this works in a similar way to being in the presence of the healer. Distance Healing allows the recipient to benefit from the healing process even if they are unable to be present due to distance or illness.

If you wish to have or designate a recipient for healing, then it is a simple matter of you letting us know who that person is. Remember that it is only polite to ask the person first. If you are not able to make contact with the person due to inaccessibility or illness then it is fine to proceed with the therapy, as it is the individual's own choice whether or not to accept the healing energy. Healers will always transmit the explicit understanding that energy will only be transferred if it is to the highest good of the recipient. 

While acknowledging that many people prefer face to face healing treatments, distance healing treatments are a valuable form of healing, especially for anyone who does not have easy access to a professional practitioner of their choice for whatever reason.

Each treatment is unique to you. It offers the invitation to heal on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels and provides what you need to boost your wellbeing to the optimum level appropriate for you at that time. When a Distant Healing session is activated and in progress, you may or may not experience various sensations. You may or may not receive actual guidance from Angels/Beings of Love & Light. Most clients feel a deep sense of calm, relaxation and upliftment.

The process is as follows:

• You provide me with your full name and address, telephone number(s), email address and date of birth.

• You inform me, in confidence, what's going on currently in your life and your reasons for seeking a treatment.

• We agree a time and date (allowing, if necessary, for any time difference between your country and England) when you can devote approx 30 mins to the healing experience. It is recommended that you lie down or sit in a quiet, peaceful environment throughout the distant treatment.

• I then send the distant healing treatment to you.

• During the treatment you may or may not: experience heat, cold, pulsing, tingling, itching, twitching, see colours, be aware of emotions surfacing, receive insights and get actual guidance from Angels or spirit, feel deeply relaxed/calm/peaceful.  We all experience things in life differently and that is equally true with treatments. Whatever you do, or do not, experience through your senses will be perfect for you and it has no bearing on the effectiveness of the treatment.

•  After the treatment, while it is still fresh in your mind, you write down your impressions/experiences. I do the same in respect of what information/guidance I received during the healing.

• You then ring or Skype me to discuss your impressions/experiences and to receive my feedback. 

• I provide aftercare advice.

• During the 3 to 4 weeks of subsequent integration of the healing, I provide support as appropriate.

• In accordance with the treatment plan discussed and your own inner knowing, we may or may not agree to further Distant or In-person treatments.

Sessions 20 minutes. 

Consultation 10 mins

Duration  30 mins

First treatment consultation is approximately 15 mins, please allow extra time & 10 min consultation on subsequent sessions.

If you would like to learn more about Reiki and different treatments have look at our 

Healing Realm or why not book a course or workshop which you will find in the Courses Realm. 

It is advisable not to drink alcohol prior to your treatment. 


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