Angel Reiki for Children ~ Introductory Offer

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Angel Reiki for children

This system has attuned me to 20 angels that mostly work with children and the issues children may have which will help them to grow and develop into well-grounded adults. This attunement can also be passed onto children which makes it very unique.

In general, most children are very receptive to the Angelic Reiki energy and in most cases it will flow strongly from their heads to toes as they have not yet experienced all the traumas or emotional issues that us grown-ups have. As their bodies are much smaller, the treatments will also be shorter, around 20- 30 minutes is enough to treat your child. 

This system also works very well with crystals, which can also be infused with the energies of the reiki and angel/s helping your child. One tumble stone will be given Free.

Angel Reiki for children can help to assist in many ways, such as:

•Calming your child: Most healthy kids have an incredible amount of energy flowing through their bodies, thus making it sometimes difficult for them to rest, especially at night when they go to sleep. Reiki will help your child to calm any excess mental activity and relieve any stress, as well as balance their emotions.

 •Increase concentration: This is especially beneficial before heavy school exams when children get easily stressed and scared about the upcoming tests and exams. Reiki will help to calm their mental excess activity and relax both their body and their mind for a general balanced well-being. In most cases Reiki will also increase your child’s self-confidence.

 •Behavioural problems

 •Anger or frustration

 •Low confidence or shyness

 A consultation and feedback will be given. (All Children under 16 must be accompanied by Parent/Guardian and must sign the Declaration Form) 

If you are interested in arranging an appointment please or would like more information please contact me either Via Contact us

Prior to purchase please  or by calling us on 07734 015219 to arrange your appointment date and time.

Monday & Tuesdays I am at Lucky Rose Clinic you can phone the clinic to book an appointment Tel ~ 07927 611737 

I can also visit you at your own home Milage will be charge outside of the Colchester area. 


Hands on healing treatments should not be regarded as an alternative to medical advice. The complimentary therapies are designed to aid traditional treatments not instead of them. The therapies on offer are aimed to help your own natural healing ability, to bring you relaxation, to balance dis-ease bringing about general well-being.