Our stunning pieces of jewellery are created by Mystic Mountain she likes to create a varied range to suit most tastes and pockets.

We have a wide selection of crystals from tumble stones to rare hard to source minerals. Mystic Mountain selects some most stunning pieces for her handcrafted crystal jewellery,  bringing to you a unique piece of jewellery, which is as unique and individual as you. Each piece is made with great care and respect, it then cleansed with Reiki.

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Mystic Mountain Jewellery

Mystic Mountain has taken on several commissions and happily take on your commissions and create for you that extra special piece of jewellery. 

Please contact us with your requirements. 

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountains Commissioned work 

Moonstone with silver filled wire, skillfully created with intricate wire-work


     Design by Mystic Mountain                           Design by Mystic Mountain  

 Malachite with copper with wonderful spirals. 


   Design by Mystic Mountain                              Design By Mystic Mountain 

  Blue Lace Agate with Lotus flower.


      Design by Mystic Mountain

   Cancer Ribbon

The Cancer ribbon was lovely created with respect for a lady who had sadly lost her husband of 60 years. The gentleman had Myeloma Cancer, Mystic Mountain used Carnelian in the centre, the colour which represents this Cancer charity. Mystic Mountain will respectfully create these meaningful ribbons for those that wish to support particular Cancer charities.  £9.95 with free shipping - 50% of the cost of the ribbon we will donate to a cancer charity.  
Ribbons can be found in here
Mystic Mountain flowing with creativity energy with the help from a beautiful piece of Malachite.



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